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Janelle Johnson

Hi my name’s Janelle and I’m the farmer at “Weetalabah”

Farming has always been in our blood

My Great-grandfather, a renowned dairy farmer, was one of the founding fathers of the local dairy co-operative, NORCO, which still exists today.

Our farming history is based on optimising the health and productivity of the soil, plant and animal communities thus promoting the ecological balance and conservation of our land.

Johnson Lane

Our family has donated areas of farmland to the community and these are now managed by the National Parks Service. On this farm we have areas of high conservation value and original rainforest protecting vital habitats for wildlife.To pay homage to our pioneering family, the lane on which we live was named after our family, Johnston Lane.

After obtaining a Science degree and working in various rural pursuits in Australia, I returned to the family farm in 1996. It was a natural decision to formalize  our family’s farming philosophy and become organically certified.

This means we don’t use agricultural chemicals or GMOs but rely on natural fertilisers, compost, beneficial insects, companion planting, strategic crop rotations and planting by the Moon. The commitment to organic principles requires strict adherence to certification standards. We undergo an extensive audit every year; we are required to document the source of our seeds, what we apply to the soil and crops after planting. Every step of the growing process is accountable. In addition we are certified with Freshcare Australia. So our customers can rely on the organic integrity of our products.

Boy on tractor

As we have 120 beautiful acres to care for we always welcome Wwoofers (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) and casual labour. Wwoofing is a way of volunteering on an organic farm in return for experience and accommodation. For a copy of our farm policy please email us. Generally we don’t take people over the hot summer months.We hope you’ll drop in and enjoy the experience of working on a beautiful organic farm


Sometimes we get unexpected visitors – even from the sky above!

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