Taste the Organic Difference


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Australian Grown Fresh Farm Produce

Edible Flowers

We started growing edible flowers this year in response to a chefs request . All he could buy was non organic flowers and he was not sure if they had been sprayed with pesticides. By being certified organic he knew they would not be sprayed with harmful chemicals and therefore be safe to eat.

We now have a huge variety of flowers and our organic garden looks beautiful!


Enjoying a mild coastal climate, we can grow an extensive range of vegetables herbs and greens most of the year. We also produce nutritious Microgreens and Edible Flowers – all certified organic.

Over the last few years we have planted a range of fruit trees to enhance the variety of the produce we offer.


Our farm “Weetalabah” is located 6 km west of the iconic coastal town of Byron Bay . Our landscape is one of gently rolling hills of fertile red soil interspersed with creeks, springs and areas of rainforest. Blessed with such great resources and a mild coastal climate, our produce has unbeatable taste and quality – as we say “Taste the Organic Difference“!

Since the 1890’s five generations of our family have been farmers in Australia. For 87 of those years we have farmed at “Weetalabah” always following sustainable farming practices and with a philosophy that embodies core ethics of doing what’s right for humankind and the environment

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